Sin is Broken

by Audrey on December 5th, 2013

We were sitting at the table making tissue flowers.  Busy with our hands, my oldest four-year-old granddaughter began to sing, “Sin is broken, You have saved me.”  She has such a sweet little voice and she sang those words with such passion and she kept singing.   I just listened.  I didn’t want to interrupt the moment. 
When she trailed off, I said, “I don’t think I know that song but I really like it.”
“We sing it at church,” she said as she wrapped her pipe cleaner around the middle of the folded tissue.
“You should teach it to me,” I suggested.
Oh I will, she assured me – then she asked, “What does it mean – sin is broken?”
Though I didn’t know the song, I knew what it meant.  We talked about sin – how anything we think, say, or do that doesn’t please God is sin.  We talked about the holiness of God.   We talked about Adam and Eve and the first sin.  We talked about disobedience and she said, “And sin is in hell.  Amma, hell is a scary place, isn’t it?”
Yes.  It is.
But you know what?  Hell is not a place for God’s people. Those who know Jesus Christ as their Savior will never go to that scary place.
That’s why Jesus came.  He broke the power of sin.  He never sinned yet He became sin for us.  And because He broke sin, we can know Him personally.  He has saved us.
It was such a sweet time with her.  Talking theology as we made a bouquet of tissue flowers for her mother and her new baby sister.
I got my phone and googled “Sin is Broken song.”  I didn’t know the title was Stronger.   We listened.  It was so beautiful.
Then I purchased the song and the rest of the time as she, her two-year-old sister, and I did whatever we did, we played it over and over and over.
I wanted to learn this song that had captured my granddaughter’s heart, the song that launched a conversation on the meaning of the Cross, and the song that had now captured my heart. 
The whole time I was visiting and helping out with the birth of my new grandgirl, I stayed in my son's apartment with his little family.  But on the last night, the girls came to stay with both Granddaddy and me in a hotel. 
What fun they had!  Bouncing on the beds, sitting with Granddaddy on the bed watching Winnie the Pooh, and then finally bedtime.  Being so excited, it was difficult for them to fall asleep.  They were rolling around and laughing even after our prayers.
Then I had an idea.  I decided to lay down between them and put Sin is Broken on repeat.  We listened to it until we fell asleep.  I loved hearing the girls sing along  ~ especially this part:
So let Your name be lifted higher
Be lifted higher, be lifted higher
So let Your name be lifted higher
Be lifted higher, be lifted higher

. . . until sleep silenced their little  voices.  It was so very calming and soothing for them.  And for me.  As my eyes closed, I was thankful for many things - for a son who loves God and who is leading his family well and teaching his daughters about the power of the Cross.  I was thankful for a church where theologically-sound hymns are sung and children are present learning and listening to the praises of God's people.
And I was thankful for this time of welcoming my newest grandgirl into the  world. Her birth was  the event that brought me to this place, to this time, to this song.  Seeing her and knowing she is joining such a family was the biggest highlight of my trip.  But sharing this  moment, with her big sisters singing their hearts out to the Lord in the quietness of the night,  was a close second.

Sin is broken.  He has saved me.  It is written, Christ is risen.  Jesus, You are Lord of all.

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Zoe Howard - December 5th, 2013 at 9:05 PM
What a great song! It is new to me too, but now I want to learn it with my little people. Thanks for sharing! And congratulations on that brand new grand-girl!

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